Le Seigneur Des Anneaux JCE

Errance au Rhovanion

Errance au Rhovanion


uniqueHaldan (héros - Errance au Rhovanion - 26)


Woodman. Scout.

While the active location has an attachement on it, Haldan does not exhaust to quest.
Response: When the active location is explored, draw 1 card for each attachement on it.


uniqueWiglaf (allié - Errance au Rhovanion - 27)


Dale. Scout. Warrior.

Response: After you play Wiglaf, play a Item attachement on him from your hand for non cost.
Action: Exhaust an attachement on Wiglaf to ready him. (Limit once per phase.)

Wild Stallion (allié - Errance au Rhovanion - 33)



Cannot have attachement.
Planning Action: Attach Wild Stallion to an ally you control.(Counts as a Mount attachement with the text: « Restricted. Limit 1 per ally. Attached ally gets +1volonte, +1attaque, +1defense, and +1 hit point. »)

uniqueMeneldor (allié - Errance au Rhovanion - 31)


Créature. Aigle.

Cannot have restricted attachements.
Response: After Meneldor enters or leaves play, place 2 progress on a location.

Eagle of the North (allié - Errance au Rhovanion - 35)


Créature. Aigle.

Encounter. Surge.
Cannot have restricted attachements.
When revealed: The first player chooses a player to take control of Eagle of the North. The chosen player may choose and discard a non-unique enemy in the staging area.


South Away! (événement - Errance au Rhovanion - 34)



Travel Action: Choose a location in the staging area with a player card attachement and make it the active location, returning any previous active location to the staging area. Reduce each player's threat by X, where X is the number of attachements on the active location.

Flight of the Eagles (événement - Errance au Rhovanion - 32)


Action: return an Eagle ally to your hand to shuffle a set-aside Eagle of the North into the encounter deck. Then, remove Flight of the Eagles from the game.


Ancestral Armor (attachement - Errance au Rhovanion - 28)


Item. Armor.

Attach to acommandementor Noble character. Restricted. Limit 1 per character.
Attached character gets +2defenseand +2 hit points.

uniqueGlamdring (attachement - Errance au Rhovanion - 29)


Artifact. Item. Weapon.

Guarded (enemy or location).
Attach to a hero or Gandalf. Restricted.
Attached character gets +2attaque.
Response: After attached character destroys an enemy, draw 1 card.

Woodmen's Path (attachement - Errance au Rhovanion - 30)



Attach to a location with no progress tokens on it.
While attached location is the active location, reduce ist quest point value to 1.